For the very first sailing of Maaskade Bevrachters we must return to 1961. Then the enterprise started as a carrier of molasses and vinasse for the livestock feed and fermentation industries. In the course of the years the firm grew and the service was extended step by step. Now, more than half a century later, Maaskade Bevrachters is a leading transport partner in the vegetable and edible oil market, fermentation and livestock feed industries. Besides we are operational in the paper industry and we serve several niche markets with the transport of dedicated products.


The beginning

Incorporation of ''Bevrachterskantoor Maaskade'' at Maaskade in Rotterdam.


Change of name

Change of name into current ''Maaskade Bevrachters''. At the time a fleet of 7 molasses barges.


First newly constructed barge

First newly constructed barge of Maaskade Bevrachters; tanker barge ‘’Kralingen’’. Office relocated to Tromplaan in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.


Takeover of Rederij Kruysifix

Takeover of Rederij Kruysifix. In this way the first steps were taken into the vegetable and edible oil market.


Maaskade Bevrachters Belgium

Opening of the office in Ghent and the incorporation of ''Maaskade Bevrachters Belgium''.


Takeover of Rederij Tankes BV

Takeover of Rederij Tankes BV, expansion of the fleet by 7 molasses tanker barges


Maaskade Nederland relocated

Office relocated to Maasboulevard 24-26 in Zwijndrecht.


Incorporation of Mariliq

Incorporation of Mariliq NV in Ghent, as specialist for the transport of ''special products''.


Takeover of Agrominne

Takeover of Agrominne NV in Ghent, as a specialist for dry cargo.


Cooperation with Trendco BV

Cooperation with Trendco BV started as a partner for the loading of mineral oils (clean products).


Incorporation of Navonus

Incorporation of Navonus Agency & Cargo Survey in Ghent.


Cooperation with Lanfer Logistics/ CombiShip

Cooperation with Lanfer Logistics/ CombiShip started for dedicated intermodal transport.


Maaskade Bevrachters France

''Maaskade France'' is incorporated for the operational activities in France.


Incorporation of WAV

Water Afval Verwerking (WAV) is incorporated for the collection, transport and delivery of grey waste water.


Takeover of transport division of Schutter

Takeover of the transport of division ''Schutter'', extension of the loading activities within edible oils. Extension of the fleet by 8 tanker barges.



Office relocated from Maasboulevard 24-26 to Maasboulevard 268 in Zwijndrecht.


Maaskade anniversary

25th anniversary of Maaskade Bevrachters BV.


Pantank Terminals

Maaskade becomes a partner of Pantank Terminals NV. With this not only transports but also storage is offered.